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The most neglected page on your website

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

More often than not, this page of your website is more popular than expected - yet it is also the most neglected! While some companies cast it aside completely, simply copy and paste a vague slogan, or a list of elusive company values - Leadership! Compassion! Quality! - it is a place where many web visitors are looking to find out more about you. Have you guessed what page I am talking about? 

Ta-Da…It’s your ‘About Us’ page. Here’s some bonus tips on how to write for your ‘About’ Page:

  • Keep it conversational. Explain your areas of expertise, but filter out any unnecessary jargon. Do you sell to other businesses? Keep in mind that you are likely communicating with people of varying expertise. The employee tasked with doing research into what companies to work with might not be a leading expert in the field, so drowning them in lingo-infused noise can lose that company as a client. Especially as a smaller business, you want to position yourself as an expert, but not in a manner that makes you sound unapproachable.

How do you use your company's story to stand out from the competition?

  • Include white papers or brief stories about previous projects you’ve worked on. Even if you are attaching a technically advanced white paper, take a few moments to conversationally describe the crux of the story. 

  • As a business of any size, it is important to tell people why you became interested in this field! Whether it is an anecdote from the original founder your company treasures from 50 years ago, or your own personal story - tell people why this is a field you are committing your time to. 

Fixing up this page can truly help you stand out from the crowd and communicate what is at the heart of your business. What information do you include on your 'About Us' page?


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