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learn how to:

  • Spin a boring number into scroll-stopping brain food that dazzle your reader

  • Turn a basic metric into a compelling visual

  • Bring a bonkers-large number down to a comprehensible size

  • Convert numbers-based product descriptions into a riveting storytime

Twist a bland product spec into a meaningful product perk:

❌ This utility hook can hold

up to 8 lbs

✅ Need to hang heavier objects? This hook can hold a gallon of milk.


Learn to use crafty stump speech tricks in your writing:

❌ This bill will cost taxpayers

$1 billion dollars

✅ It'll only cost one Starbucks' Venti Latte per citizen!

…and how to tap the creativity of the world’s most memorable marketing campaigns:

❌ An iPod measures 4.02” x 2.43” x 0.78”.

✅ You can carry 10,000 songs right in your pocket!

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