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Struggling to get people to understand your big tech or engineering idea?

Let's turn your knowledge into delicious brain candy.

I didn’t title a cybersecurity article “How Hackers Outsmarted SolarWinds and Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” for fun (well, mostly). 


I could’ve gone for something off a ‘100 Top Power Words for Blog Post Titles’ list. You know, your ‘revolutionary,’ your ‘surprising,’ or your ‘groundbreaking.’


But nobody remembers those. 


Folks DID remember their light-bulb moments from that one article that strangely mentioned Steve Harvey. 👴🏿


The stuff you share isn’t to show your audience how smart YOU are. 


🔥 It’s to make your audience feel smart. 🔥


Make them feel like they stumbled across a hot new restaurant nobody knows about yet. 


So much so, that they want to march around showing off their new-found knowledge with friends and co-workers (and look smart in front of their boss). 


Let’s turn your content into a series of unforgettable light bulb moments that stick!

“Larissa has an uncanny ability to make technical data into something compelling—and fun!—to read about. 


Her insight and creativity provided sales and marketing tools that our customers would clamor for, always helping me and my team reach (and exceed) our sales goals.” 


PAUL N, Sr. Sales Manager in Aerodynamics


You: A scroll-stopping writer!

Sick of people ignoring you when you

try and share your story?


Become a better writer who can

turn 🤔 into 🤩!

No more blank, empty stares when explaining your subject matter.

binge endlessly on hundreds of writing tips on Instagram!

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