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News Flash: Just because your industry is highly technical doesn’t mean your content has to be boring!

Imagine during a spirited conversation, someone says, “Wow! That’s interesting! Please elaborate a little more on that,” and you immediately take off your human hat to reveal a droning, jargon-spewing robot. Suddenly, eyes glaze over…arms fall akimbo…and people head for the door.


That’s what most technical content reads like!


Why do we suddenly ramp up jargon and tech-speak when we try to explain something to other people?

Why is it that when we are fully invested in a topic, we try and explain it using bizarro words and labyrinthine examples that nobody else would ever understand? Hey: Your customers don’t want homework assignments when they want to learn about your business!

I’m here to dive into your expertise and help you find the right words to showcase your product or service. You know—the entertaining yet educational words that unfurrow those brows and finally spark a ‘wow!’ moment with your customer. We’ll work together to distill your company’s vast technical knowledge into magnetic, easy-to-read content that gets people talking!

Don’t give me an easy one! My superpower is insatiable curiosity. On long walks I wonder why trunks, barrels, and cables bunch together on some power poles and not others, how nuclear fission works, why birds named Veeries can better predict hurricanes than computers and expert meteorologists, and how I can perfect my homemade Enigma machine. I use this superpower 24/7 to craft great content that explains ‘tough subjects’ in powerful ways that people understand and love. Here's some awesome industries I've had the opportunity to partner with: 

💡 Robotics

💡 Magnetics

💡 Space Exploration

💡 Artificial Intelligence

💡 IoT Internet of Things

💡 Process Automation

💡 Electronics Manufacturing 

💡 RF/Microwave Instrumentation

💡 Thermal Interface Materials

💡 Satellite and RFID Tracking Technologies

💡 Cloud Computing

So let's turn your knowledge into brain-tingly, mind-blowing, obsessively readable writing that can turn 🤔 into 🤩!


8 Things About Me...

☀️ I try to watch one documentary a day, even if it’s just running in the background while I work: Start with General Magic.

☀️ Still waiting for Kevin Feige to call to hear me out on just one of my 3,000 twisty-good story concepts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (I’ve seen Avengers: Endgame more times than the number of dried-out pens in your junk drawer.)

☀️ I’ve finished 8 IRONMAN Triathlons and am currently considering coming out of retirement for a ninth. People often ask me about the most interesting thing I’ve learned about. I’d say that it was the discovery that one pays actual money to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and top off the day with a 26.2 mile run. 

☀️ I graduated from the legendary FAME high school in New York City for Fine Arts. No, I never saw anybody dancing on top of a taxi cab. 


☀️ Growing up in the Big City sure harvests a passion for adventure, so I journeyed to Southern California to attend Pepperdine University, majoring in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. Don’t ask me why a ‘Wave’ is a good mascot. 

☀️ I found it so hilarious that actual lifelong fans of the New York Knicks would protest outside The Garden by hoisting pink slips for the players and staff, that there was no other football team for me than the New Orleans Saints. A then near-pitiful team whose very own dedicated diehards wore paper bags over their heads to cloak their true identities. #WhoDatNation


☀️ Favorite quote: “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” - Albert Einstein

☀️ “Joy!” I exclaim it dozens of times per day. I’m fascinated, marveled, and always in awe of everything that builds and binds and connects our world. When I say a project sounds “exciting” or that I’m “looking forward to it,” it’s never an empty sentiment. People apparently find my fearless enthusiasm contagious yet curious, so it’s guaranteed we’ll infuse some real energy into your subject matter together. 

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