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I don't hide
tips or tricks. 

I cream them
from the rooftops. 
VibesFrom Larissa
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Oh the social media gurus try to force-feed us the notion that all content should be snackable. 


Crunch big ideas into light snacks we can key-bump while waiting in line at the supermarket. 


But I doubt any of your favorite writers learned how to do it from the social media slot machine of 30-second tips. 

To become a better writer, you have to beware of folks that want to take you off the backroads.


Distrust sources that promise shortcuts.


Because the stuff that “takes too long” in their book are the journeys that turn a Wikipedia entry into the kind of story that makes people want to pull up around your campfire. 

<Larissa, people need to know what to do: 
don't forget to insert
calls to action here>

<draft text>


<Larissa, best practices would suggest you don't put an audio clip here?>




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