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I need help with...

I Need Help With...

Figuring out how to explain
what we do makes my head spin.

How can I sharpen my messaging?

When we know a lot about a topic, we’re so tempted to pile on jargon and specialty lingo. After all, it’s time to show-off! We finally get to be one of the “cool kids,” and impress people with our expertise.


Not so fast! Ignore the siren song of snobbery—we’re all vulnerable to it!—and learn how to break down complex lines of business into words your customer can fully understand.

  • Learn how to write a show-stopping value proposition—the few lines that immediately entice customers to learn more about your business

  • Strategies for shaking off the “fluff” to create content and copy that is not just concise but packed with vibrant and useful examples

  • Bonus download: Words and phrases to be aware of. Snag a list of quick dos and don’ts before these silent killers wreck the words you worked so hard to write.

Explaining What We Do

I just don’t know what to say in BLOGS AND WHITE PAPERS.
I might get some clicks—but people just don’t seem interested.

As a technical expert, it’s easy to forget that your vast knowledge of a given topic far exceeds your reader’s. So when writing longer form content, we often fall victim to assuming we’re talking with a fellow know-it-all. 


Learn how to say so long to the belief that white papers need to be a desert-dry conspectus of data. You’ll see how you can toss the ponderous tome in the bin and ignite your ideas with an exciting, relatable tone that builds a fresh rapport with curious customers!

  • The most common pitfall is one we all trip right into: white papers and articles aren’t a tool for showing off! Packing your content with too much information like pedantic theory and complex jargon leads to far more head-scratching than sale-closing. Learn tricks for meeting your customer at their level to reinvigorate interest in your product or service. 

  • Play around with separating your ideas into Insight Chunks: Techniques for weaving your endless expertise into useful and creative ideas that resonate with your reader. 

  • Bonus download: You’ll become a homing beacon for pesky concepts that talk over your readers’ heads. Learn how to break them down into valuable content that serves a purpose.

Blogs & White Papers

My site is an unwieldy wall of words, drowning visitors in info they just don’t seem to get.
How can I fix it?

Pressured by almost 10,000 marketing messages, our brains have developed a natural screening process for incoming information. The verdict is in—”too much information” is usually what flips the “off switch.” Plain and simple: Customers are not going to click around every page of your website or wade through an endlessly long list of features to learn more about your business. 


When putting together the words for your website, it can feel tempting to load it up with every detail, every specification, and every minute nugget of information you can possibly think of. Here, you’ll learn how to stop hiding sale-clinching product features between jargon-plagued word walls and start focusing on the information that matters.

  • Learn how to condense a long list of features into pinpointed messaging that really closes the sale. 

  • Suffering from “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome? Everyone on your team always wants to add in another “oh-so important” product detail to your website. Learn how to look at your writing with a brand new filter: one that can quickly assess what’s most important to your customer, not your team (or your ego!)

  • Bonus download: Check out the types of concepts that often scare customers away—and learn how to transform them into captivating content that attracts attention.

Web Copy

My sales materials are dying on the vine—I’m just not getting through to people.
What can I do to help customers better understand the benefits of working with my company?

Tired of getting crushed by blank, empty stares when trying to explain your product in sales meetings? Maybe you’re just super burnt out because people just aren’t understanding your sales materials—and you find yourself needing to re-explain yourself time and time again. Here we’ve pulled together the top tips for nailing your sales materials.

  • Learn how to differentiate your business from the competition. While you might internally appreciate your commitment to customer service and high-quality products, these are promises everyone makes. With these tools, you’ll start to tease out the one-of-a-kind things that make your business special. 

  • Are you a business owner? For some reason, many of us are afraid to share anything remotely interesting or personal about ourselves. But these “quirks” are what make us look like a real person and not a faceless corporation—a quality that genuinely connects with audiences. Discover how to be you—the real you—in your writing. 

  • Bonus download: “Greatest,” “heaviest duty,” “most sophisticated...”—they all sound like awesome product promises. But without context, they read as empty claims. This cheat sheet serves as your third-eye for picking out lazy language. It also provides quick word swaps that instantly clinch customer attention.

Sales Materials
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